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What do your premises say about you?

There is nothing worse than walking into a shop or office and seeing a mess. Marked walls, dirty floors, stained carpets, dusty tables – all these things can leave a bad impression on your visitors.

Look around you. Is everything as good as it could be? If you were a visitor, what would you think?

Office cleaning Sydney

A clean office makes a great impression

VMM Group can show you what real cleaning should be like. Our clients’ premises include offices, laboratories, operating theatres, schools, workshops and hotels.

Each site has different needs, but all of them have one thing in common – they all want a cleaner who takes pride in their work and will go the extra mile to make a good impression on their visitors.


VMM Group provides a complete range of service solutions – from full-time on-site staff to one-off projects (like putting up some shelves).

Many of our clients opt for a regular maintenance schedule, which we will be happy to work out for you.

Electrical Test & Tag

VMM Group are accredited testers of electrical equipment. We provide polite, efficient and unobtrusive staff who will carry out a full testing program and deliver a timely report.

This services can be incorporated into a regular maintenance package.

Redesign and Fitouts

Are your premises looking a little tired? Are they no longer meeting your needs? VMM Group’s team can offer a wealth of experience in redesigning and fitting out your premises to make them work smarter for you and give your visitors a new perspective.

Our clients have included medical centres, laboratories, schools and industrial buildings.


Need some more space? Don’t move. Let VMM Group suggest how your existing building can be extended and reconfigured for maximum efficiency.

New buildings

Starting from scratch? Include us in your tender for our vision of your site.

Factory Roofing Sydney

A new roof or repairs to your old one – VMM’s licensed contractors can do it all, including Heritage.

Roofing a specialty

We have specialised teams of roofing plumbers who can expertly fit or renovate all types of roofing, including Heritage metal roofs.

Custom joinery and cabinetry

Had a quote on joinery lately? Or did you give up on custom work and decide on an off-the-shelf solution to save money? Give our designers and joiners a chance to quote on your custom job and we’ll bet we can bring the job in cheaper and better than other joiners.